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Built-for-retail features

From our retail-commerce customers.

Distribution, retail and consumer goods have changed beyond measure in the last decade. And it’s not over yet.That’s why you need an ERP built to conquer the challenges of your industry and ensure you’re Ready for What’s Next, Now

Important Functionality for Commerce Companies

Solution ERP Retail & eCommerce Edition is a comprehensive solution, with a wide range of industry-specific capabilities built-in:

Sales And Accounts Receivables

  • Open Customer Accounts and Customer Branches.
  • Make Sales Areas, Sales Types, Sales Groups, Salesman Groups.
  • Make Sales Groups for grouping Customer Branches.
  • Prepare Sales Quotations (with inquiry and creating of Sales Orders).
  • Prepare Sales Orders and Goods Delivery Notes.
  • Prepare Customer Invoices and Credit Notes.

  • Make Batch Invoicing for more than one delivery order.
  • All of the Sales documents are completely editable and printable.
  • Customer Payments and Allocations.
  • Point of sales definitions for better handling of cash sales.
  • Company logos can be attached to sales documents.
  • Dimensions can be selected for Sales Delivery and Invoices.
  • Shipping Costs and Legal Text can be added to Invoices.

Purchases and Accounts Payable

  • Open Supplier accounts.
  • Make Purchase Orders, Goods Receival Notes and Payment Terms.
  • Clearing of Goods Receival Notes.
  • Entry of Supplier price lists & related conversion factor into purchase prices.
  • Prepare Debit Notes and record Credit Notes from Suppliers.
  • Supplier Payments and Allocations.

  • Company logos can be attached on documents.

  • Dimensions can be selected for Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices.

  • Option of attaching scanned documents with transactions.

Inventory and Stocks

  • Record Stock Items.

  • Define Item Categories and Item Locations.
  • Record location transfers and other adjustments.
  • Set re-order levels for Inventory Items.
  • Automatic calculation of average material cost (per unit).
  • Application of standard and overhead costs, into material prices.
  • Quantity of Items can be measured into standard units.
  • Foreign codes registration for barcode scanner entry.

Cash and Bank

  • Open Bank and Petty Cash Accounts.

  • Record payments, deposit and withdrawals in related accounts.

  • Various currencies can be added and foreign currency translation is also done.

  • Record bank enquiries and reports.

  • Prepare bank accounts reconciliation.

  • Transactions can be made void and reprinted.

General Ledger

  • Open general ledger accounts, account classes and groups.
  • Record journal entries and budget entries.
  • Generate ledger accounts detailed enquiries with drill down reports.
  • Make journal enquiries with an option to view journal entries.
  • Closes the fiscal year and brings forward retained earnings.
  • Record depriciation entries on period based.
  • Make journal entries with corresponding entry in supplier / customer account.
  • Filter General Ledger reports by dimensions.
  • Quick entries (preset GL transactions) in bank deposit/payment, journal entry and supplier invoice/credit.

Fixed Assets

  • Fixed Assets Purchase.
  • Fixed Assets Location Transfers.
  • Fixed Assets Disposal.

  • Fixed Assets Sales.

  • Fixed Assets Movements.

  • Fixed Assets Inquiry.

  • Process Depreciations.

  • Locations, Categories and Classes.

Advanced Features

Multi-Currency Support

  • Historical Currency Rates.

  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts, Customers And Suppliers.

Advanced GST/VAT handling

  • GST/VAT can be selected on Customer, Supplier and Item basis.

  • Advanced GST/VAT report for details and outputs/inputs.

Language Support

  • Full support for localization by the GNU’s gettext package.
  • Multi language support with right to left support in Arabic language
  • Different chart of accounts can be installed and activated

  • Take Your Projects To The Next Level

Other Details

  • Every document can be emailed and printed simultaneously.

  • PDF can be formatted for every document.

  • Projects, Cost Centers, Departments can be added, using Dimensions.

Leave Inefficiency Behind.

Say Hello to a Streamlined Distribution Operation.

The shift to online retail has increased competition and squeezed margins even further in what was already a competitive market. Together with the changing business norms and communication practices that we are seeing as a result of the pandemic, there really is nowhere to hide in this industry.

So, how do you not only compete, but thrive? Well, in short—by implementing the right technology.

A cloud-based imports, distribution or retail ERP will allow you to better fulfill your customers’ needs and simultaneously empower you to streamline your entire operation. To enhance collaboration. To increase overall efficiency. To improve agility. And to get Ready for What’s Next, Now.

Only one question remains—are you ready to get ahead of the competition?

With an Solution ERP designed for importers, distributors and retailers you get everything you need to get the job done—all in one system.

  • Standardize processes with a single source of truth and real-time data
  • Streamline retailer compliance with integrated EDI
  • Increase supply chain efficiency with built-in warehouse management tools
  • Optimize purchasing decisions with automated DRP and forecasting tools
  • Improve visibility with import management functionality
  • Manage your omnichannel retail experience efficiently

Our ERP solutions are built to fulfill your core requirements right out of the box without customization or third-party plugins—saving you time and money without sacrificing capability.

Success With Solution ERP

Over and Back Overcomes Warehouse Control Challenges by Streamlining Processes with Solution Distribution ERP

Our Distribution ERP provides a single source of truth for this importer and distributor of table-top housewares with access to real-time data and integrated EDI streamlining communication and collaboration.

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialized ERP solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.