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Say “good-bye” to heavy customization and separate modules. Centralize your operations with SOLUTION ERP.

    SOLUTION partners enable you to run your business more simply by helping you identify, build, implement, support, and run the Solution ERP system that best fit your needs.

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    Nobody is born understanding how ERP systems work or the many mission-critical benefits they can offer your business. We know you want to work smarter, you want to connect and access more of your data and use it as fuel driving productivity, better decision-making, continual process improvement, operational efficiency, and much more. We also know that you and your business are unique, and that while choosing and implementing an ERP system may indeed be mission-critical, it also anything but “one-size-fits-all.” It takes a conversation, and more…

    Every ERP provider will make arguments about why you should choose them: they have the most advanced technology, they are highly flexible, and they are proud to tell you about their exceptional customer satisfaction. But when selecting a software provider, do you know what—statistically—will be the deciding factor? The people. Or more specifically, your instincts. Who do you trust the most? Who understands your specific business processes and can improve them in such a way that your business gains a competitive edge? Our customers choose SOLUTION’S because they trust our people to support them, uncover the best possible solutions, and help their business grow.

    SOLUTION’S ERP’s multi-tiered architecture, which separates your customizations from the business and database layers of the system, allows for smooth upgrades from older versions of the software. The independent components eliminate the need for rewriting previously developed custom programs, screens, and reports. The software operates with five layers, each of which serves a specific function:

    • Database Layer: Secure data storage
    • Business Layer: Core ERP functionality
    • Customization Layer: Allows you to upgrade SOLUTION’S even after customizing
    • Presentation Layer: Manages a custom view of your data
    • Web Services Layer: Connects SOLUTION’S to third party services and applications
    On the SOLUTION’S website, you can find a large number of references from various industries, including custom manufacturing, industrial machinery, electronics, automotive, metal fabrication, distribution, biomedical, serial production, process industry, professional services and more. SOLUTION’S has more than 8 years of experience in a wide range of industries, and the best practice knowledge that comes with that experience. That’s why SOLUTION’S understands the specific requirements of your industry and the solutions you need.
    Yes. The BI solution is deeply integrated into the SOLUTION ERP software, allowing you to run a wide variety of detailed reports on your ERP data.
    SOLUTION ERP is a solution that caters to your company’s specific business needs by allowing you to make customizations. SOLUTION ERP software can be customized as much or as little as a company desires, and can be fine tuned after implementation. Since SOLUTION ERP’s infrastructure was designed in three isolated layers, users are able to upgrade their system while still keeping all of their customizations in tact. The flexibility of SOLUTION ERP is ideal of custom manufacturing who have specific business requirements that could not be met by an out-of-the-box solution. SOLUTION ERP software is extremely adaptable to evolving business trends, allowing the solution to change and grow as your business grows.
    An ERP system is a critical business application and should be installed alone on a dedicated server (physical or virtual). SOLUTION can be hosted on premise or in the cloud.

    The number of simultaneous users, the degree of customization, and the level of automation influence the required system requirements. Special attention must be paid to the system components, including processors, memory, disk configuration, and data backup. Throughout the selection and implementation process, SOLUTION tech experts can help you figure out what hardware configuration is right for you.