You could call it the ultimate 3-for-1 deal: With one upgrade to cloud ERP, you gain the ability to innovate today,predict tomorrow, and shape your future — and it’s the last ERP upgrade you’ll ever need.

That’s three organizational superfoods built on machine learning, intelligent process automation and data analytics — with everything you need for the future built in. Now let’s talk about shaping that future.

Each organization has its own future path. For a manufacturer, it might be an investment in 3-D manufacturing for serial parts production or a switch from selling capital equipment to providing it as-a-service. For a healthcare organization, it could be a reorganization around data-driven care and services delivery. For a bank it maybe a move to touchless processing for certain transactions.

Whatever the path, an upgrade to cloud ERP gives financial leaders the ability to deliver strategic insights and collaboratively contribute to planning and organizing for the future state — which looks nothing like the past. Transformational technologies are reinventing work and redefining value across industries as it breaks new ground with previously impossible capabilities.

Controlling for the Future

The future is never 100% predictable, but it’s a lot less uncertain when applications can learn through machine learning. Predictive business insights improve, so there is less uncertainty and better control in planning and organizing for the future.

Solution  ERP can make this happen. It is the only cloud ERP built on machine learning, which means it has an ongoing loop of improvement built in at multiple levels: more automation and less process handling; more accurate estimates and predictions; and intelligent help like chatbots for alerts and reminders.

In the cloud, ERP no longer operates separately from other strategic functions, such as human resources. Collaborative planning and execution can happen with a dashboard for every employee, a centralized source of knowledge, and a unified back end that someone else manages.

Cloud ERP also provides automatic and continual updates to the latest ERP best practices, as well as technology upgrades to security, functionality, and capabilities. And of course, it’s scalable.

Put all of this together and it means that Solution ERP Cloud is the last ERP upgrade you’ll ever need.

An Open Door to Modern Best Practices

To get a real picture of how Solution ERP Cloud helps finance leaders shape their futures, we need to predict how best practices will evolve. Consider how three transformative technologies could enable advancements in key industries:

1. Blockchain

  • Education and research: Student transcript validation and transfer, educator credentialing, and payment of federal/state funds or private grants
  • Banking and finance: Know your customer, clearing and settlement, trade finance, domestic and cross-border payments, loan origination and post-funding automation, and anti-money laundering

2. Machine Learning-Embedded Apps

  • Retail: Personalized product recommendations, smart promotions and offers, trusted data-search merchandising, audience activation and retargeting
  • Banking: Automated generation of payables discounting program based on in-the-moment analysis of treasury positions

3. Internet of Things

  • Utilities: Automated management of grid assets, such as smart meters
  • Healthcare: IoT-driven data for customer engagement programs and research models

Do any of these sound like the future of your organization? If so, start planning and organizing for that future. Solution  ERP Cloud, the only cloud ERP built on machine learning, will keep your organization on its unique path to the future.